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Our Preliminary task was to produce a short video that showed continuety editing. the finish product addressed the task asked of us.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Analysing the opening scene of Slumdog Millionaire

Scene Shots from the opening scene

Lighting is a golden tone which could relate to money, as gold is a rich colour and is known to be valuable. The intensity of the camera shot shows an intimate position. The close up of the characters face sets a serious tone for the scene. At first the audience are unable to see who or what he is looking at this shows ambiguity.

The only sound we here at this point is the diegetic sounds of the character who we see, blowing smoke repeatedly to the other character. The colours are still golden empathising the feel of money and value, the orange tones contribute to the intimacy and seriousness of the scene.

This shot here, begins to indicate a link between the title of the film and what the film is about, however it also introduces the conspiracy's of what is happening in the opening scene. The format is like a quiz show layout, with the questions and possible answers. There Is non diegetic sounds that would only relate to people who watched the programme, 'who wants to be a millionaire', however those who don’t recognise the sound would put no relation.

This shot is repeated another 2 times within the opening scene. It shows a large amount of money being scattered, there is the diegetic sounds from the scattering and slight conversation in the background.

The lighting is minimal, and comes from behind the actors given them a silhouette. The shots are continuously changing for setting to setting, which creates confusing with the audiences.

This angle shows more of the setting, the lighting is dim and is shone on the top of the character furthest away. However there is a light shone on the left shoulder of one of the characters. This may indicated interrogation.

The redness of the light shows a sense of danger. At the time of the scwe no one is sure what is head is being dipped in and whether it is intentional or forced. The character shows distress. 

The shot is from an above view, which confuses the audience to what she is looking at. It also indicates that there is someone higher then her. There is only diegetic sound of the passing people and train in the background. the shot is very  natural which shows signs that this character is genuine and real, rather then the previous settings where they are very staged and on show.

The scene is significant, as in the back ground we can see the other character getting tortured, how eve the close up on his face shows some sorrow and regret. The lighting is dim as it is a depressing time. The colours are dark and neutral, this contrasts to the orange and gold tones that we have seen in the other shots.

The lighting is come from behind the characters. It is a brighter scene, but expressions on his face show that there is some distress or problem. There is diegetic sound of shouting. The colours are dull and neutral and set the depressing tone.

This angle is very intimate. And shows all three character in the room, the behind view is blurred but still recognisable. There diegetic sound of conversation and heavy breathing gin the bacground.

This is the last shot of the opening scene it shows the character, exhausted. The lighting is relatively bright compared to the previous shots.  There is the start I non diegetic sound which begins with a strong beat, where it is from is not made clear till the credits begin.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Life of A Film Task Extension

This is England was released in the United Kingdom, this was mainly because it specifically outline key issues that were relevant In England during the 80's. The link below is a detailed description of almost everything there is to know about the film 'This is England'

During my research I have found the official Trailer used in the United Kingdom to promote the Movie before it came out.

Shane Meadows Interview

Production Companies


Special Effects

Other Companies

This information was found at

Financial Results


£1,500,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend
$18,430 (USA) (29 July 2007) (1 Screen)
£207,676 (UK) (
29 April 2007) (62 Screens)
$327,919 (USA) (18 November 2007)
$321,473 (USA) (
4 November 2007)
$315,142 (USA) (
21 October 2007)
$309,725 (USA) (
14 October 2007)
$305,910 (USA) (
7 October 2007)
$301,908 (USA) (
30 September 2007)
$296,680 (USA) (
23 September 2007)
$286,020 (USA) (
16 September 2007)
$266,838 (USA) (
9 September 2007)
$240,233 (USA) (
2 September 2007)
$191,749 (USA) (
26 August 2007)
$147,138 (USA) (
19 August 2007)
$95,849 (USA) (
12 August 2007)
$49,151 (USA) (
5 August 2007)
$18,430 (USA) (
29 July 2007)
£1,315,593 (UK) (
27 May 2007)
£1,184,118 (UK) (
20 May 2007)
£536,514 (UK) (
6 May 2007)
£207,676 (UK) (
29 April 2007)
Weekend Gross
$1,201 (USA) (18 November 2007) (6 Screens)
$3,502 (USA) (
4 November 2007) (7 Screens)
$3,246 (USA) (
21 October 2007) (7 Screens)
$1,442 (USA) (
14 October 2007) (5 Screens)
$1,759 (USA) (
7 October 2007) (4 Screens)
$3,414 (USA) (
30 September 2007) (9 Screens)
$4,230 (USA) (
23 September 2007) (8 Screens)
$10,337 (USA) (
16 September 2007) (10 Screens)
$17,459 (USA) (
9 September 2007) (13 Screens)
$35,570 (USA) (
2 September 2007) (14 Screens)
$27,269 (USA) (
26 August 2007) (14 Screens)
$29,074 (USA) (
19 August 2007) (11 Screens)
$33,459 (USA) (
12 August 2007) (9 Screens)
$19,000 (USA) (
5 August 2007) (2 Screens)
$18,430 (USA) (
29 July 2007) (1 Screen)
£67,090 (UK) (
27 May 2007) (86 Screens)
£127,263 (UK) (
20 May 2007) (151 Screens)
£191,338 (UK) (
6 May 2007) (83 Screens)
£207,676 (UK) (
29 April 2007) (62 Screens)


1,350 (Netherlands) (31 December 2008)

Copyright Holder

Warp Films Limited, FilmFour, The UK Film Council, EM Media, Screen Yorkshire


The success of This is England, is evident in the amount of countries it was released in, considering that it was an English orientated film with could only relate to England, many other countries found the film a great success

Canada12 September 2006(Toronto International Film Festival)
Italy18 October 2006(Rome Film Fest)
UK31 October 2006(London Film Festival)
Germany11 February 2007(Berlin International Film Festival)
UK27 April 2007
USA25 May 2007(Seattle International Film Festival)
Finland13 June 2007(Midnight Sun Film Festival)
Czech Republic1 July 2007(Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)
France6 July 2007(Paris Cinéma)
USA27 July 2007(limited)
Sweden4 August 2007(Lilla Filmfestivalen i Båstad)
Australia16 August 2007
Denmark17 August 2007
Sweden17 August 2007
Norway31 August 2007
GreeceSeptember 2007(Athens Film Festival)
France10 October 2007
Iceland2 November 2007
Germany20 November 2007(DVD premiere)
France28 November 2007(Festival du film d'éducation - Evreux)
Taiwan2 December 2007(Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival)
Spain4 January 2008
Finland23 January 2008(DVD premiere)
Belgium20 February 2008
Hungary8 April 2008(Titanic International Filmpresence Festival)
Greece1 May 2008(Athens)
Netherlands24 July 2008(Amsterdam)
Denmark19 September 2008(BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth)
Brazil26 September 2008(Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival)
Japan14 March 2009
Portugal16 April 2009
South Korea13 August 2009
Egypt16 December 2009(Panorama of European Film)

The life Of A Film Task

Film: This is England

Plot: This Is England is a 2006 British drama film written and directed by Shane Meadows. The story centres on young skinheads in England in 1983. The film illustrates that skinhead subculture, whose 1960s roots include elements of black culture especially ska, soul, and reggae music, became adopted by white nationalists, which led to divisions within the skinhead scene.
The film is set in an unspecified coastal town in the English Midlands in 1983. Shaun played by Thomas Turgoose, a 12 year-old schoolboy, gets into a fight at school after someone makes an offensive joke about his father, who died in the Falklands War. On his way home Shaun runs into a group of young skinheads led by Woody played by Joe Gilgun, they invite him to join the group. They accept Shaun as a member and he finds a big brother in Woody, while developing a romance with Smell played by Rosamund Hanson, an older girl who dresses in a punky new wave style.
Combo played by Stephen Graham, an older skinhead, returns to the group after a prison sentence. He expresses English nationalist and racist views. The group splits after combo tries to take leas. Shaun stays in Combo's group instead of the apolitical skinheads led by Woody. Combo is impressed by and identifies with Shaun, who in turn sees Combo as a mentor figure. Shaun goes with Combo's group to a National Front meeting. After group member Pukey played by Jack O'Connell, expresses doubt over the group's racist and nationalistic politics, Combo threatens and abandons him. The gang then engages in racist antagonism of, among others, local shopkeeper Mr. Sandhu, an Indian man who had previously banned Shaun from his shop.
Combo becomes depressed after Woody's girlfriend Lol, whom Combo has loved since they had drunken sex years ago, rejects him. To console himself, Combo buys cannabis from Milky, a member of Woody's group and the only black skinhead in the film. At a party with Shaun and the other members of Combo's group, Combo and Milky bond while intoxicated. Milky tells Combo about his many relatives and invites him for a meal. Combo becomes agitated at Milky and his race, before snapping, and reacting with extreme violence.
Afterwards, a montage of news clips from the Falklands War is shown onscreen, and Shaun reminisces about his father. Finally, he goes down to the shore and tosses into the sea a flag of St. George's Cross which Combo had given to him earlier.

These are some of the images used to promote the film 'This is England'

This URL is an interview with Shane Meadows; he expresses his attitude to how the movie has made him feel. It also shows some aspect of him becoming more independent, over all the interview has been set up for promotional purposes as he describes parts of the plot and characters.

It is an English film which had a budget of £1.5million and successful produced a Gross Revenue of 31,539,372. Due to this success ‘This is England’ had a following series of ‘This is England ’86 which aired on Channel 4 quite recently.

This is england was funded by Film4 productions, In March 2007, the British Board Of Film Classification saddled the film with an 18 certificate, due to the use of "vicious racial language... might give out the wrong message to an impressionable audience". Such a move not only precluded Turgoose from seeing his own film, but also prevented Meadows from screening it to 15-year-old schoolchildren, as planned, to "show the dangers of bullying, peer pressure and racism to young people".."